Accessories and Detailing

Keep your vehicle in mint condition

BK Pro Racing

This performance box is designed to improve air intake of your vehicle with 8 adjustable programs.


BK Crystal Coat

Our nano wax coating solution protects your vehicle from UV-rays, water, sand, dust, and other particulates.


BK Asphalt Stain Remover

Protect your car’s paint job and never worry about asphalt stains again.


BK Leather & Console Cleaner

Simply spray and wipe clean to add shine to your vehicle’s leather seats and console.


BK Tire Black Shine

Keeps your tires glossy while protecting them from dirt and grime on the road with our waterproof spray.


BK Volts Balancer

Regulate and balance the flow of electricity from your vehicle’s battery for more power and torque.



BK racing clutch shirt (black)

BK racing clutch shirt (yellow)

BK Bomb