Single pressure, lubricated plate clutches for performance and durability

Mirage, Evo, Strada, and Triton Racing Clutches

  • High quality, single pressure plate clutches
  • No flywheel issues
  • Ideal for everyday use and track racing
  • Slightly stiffer than original clutch
  • Supports boost speed of up to 35 pounds

View Mitsubishi Racing Clutch Specs Below

Code No. Name Size Dimension
03-BKI-01 Evo 9” 225*150*23T
03-BKI-02 Mirage 7.5” 190*150*23T
03-BKI-030 Strada 2.5 9” 225*150*23T
03-BKI-031 Strada 2.8 9.5” 236*150*21T
03-BKI-040 Triton 2.5 9” 225*150*23T
03-BKI-041 All New Triton 11” 275*175*21T
03-BKI-042 Triton Plus 10” 250*160*24T
03-BKI-043 Triton 3.2 11” 275*175*21T