High-quality standard clutches for a variety of Daihatsu models

Daihatsu Standard Clutches


Finding Daihatsu replacement clutches can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but not with us! We have a wide variety of Daihatsu standard clutches in-stock that ensure durability, performance, and zero flywheel issues.

View Daihatsu Standard Clutch Specs Below

Code No. Name Size Dimension
01-BKA-01 MIRA EB small front
01-BKA-02 MIRA EF big front 170mm.
01-BKA-03 F6A
01-BKA-04 S38 6” 150*110
01-BKA-05 S40 6.5” 160*110
01-BKA-06 S60 6.5” 160*110
01-BKA-07 S70 7” 170*110
01-BKA-08 S90
01-BKA-09 Sweve 7.5”
01-BKA-10 SJ 413 7.5”